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Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy by Jermaine Gadson Book Blitz - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Tactics, Trends, and Traits of the Enemy by author Jermaine Gadson is a must have resource for believers who want to be well equipped to be victorious against the strategies of the devil. The devil is cunning and deceptive, and he will stop at nothing to keep God's people from reaching their potential in Christ. In this book, Pastor Gadson discusses how the enemy uses temptation, seduction, fear, isolation, guilt, shame, and other such things in order to steal and destroy a person's life. Satan works tirelessly through various means and mechanisms to keep sinners from hearing and being receptive of the Word of God, in order to prevent them from being saved. If you have family or friends who are not born-again, this resource will help you to identify schemes that the enemy may be using to keep your loved ones from being saved. This book is intended to equip the Body of Christ to wage a good warfare against the strategies of the enemy. It is not God's will for His people to be taken advantage of by the enemy because of ignorance. This book exposes who the enemy is, what he has done, what he is doing, and what he will try to do in the future, as an enemy of God's people. This book is written for the everyday believer to be able to understand and use. However, it is also a helpful tool for Christian leaders to be able to identify specific ways in which the enemy desires to attack them in order to steal their influence, kill their destiny, and destroy their reputation and ministries. In this regard, it is an encouragement to the Body of Christ to guard and protect their spiritual leaders.


Know Your Enemy
Before engaging in battle of any kind, it is very important to be familiar with the opposition. The more you know about your enemy, the greater you will be equipped to fight against them and be victorious. Knowing your enemy includes being knowledgeable of their strengths, weaknesses, habits, origin, and the like. When you are knowledgeable about your adversary, you become empowered to develop a plan of action or strategy to adequately defend against their opposition, overcome their threats and defensive mechanisms, and ultimately defeat them.

Athletes and those who follow sports are familiar and acquainted with this principle. Coaches and players spend hours upon hours viewing video recordings of not only their own team, but of their upcoming opponents as well. They view recordings to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses as revealed by previous games, and they do the same to identify strengths and weaknesses of the next team they have to face.

This principle is certainly pertinent in the area of the military as well. No military general, or top ranking official who has authority over military personnel will in their right mind authorize the use of military force without adequate information concerning the enemy to be attacked. Right decisions require right information. This is especially true if you want to come out victorious and on top.

Now that we can see the importance of this principle from a natural standpoint, it makes sense that this would also apply spiritually in relation to how we are to do battle with our spiritual enemy. As you read this book, I hope that you will be able to see the importance of this material in helping you towards this very end. The reason this book is so important is because the person reading it is like a ballplayer looking at tape of his or her opponent or a military general gathering intelligence on a terrorist organization.

When you know where your enemy came from, what your enemy has done in the past, and what your enemy is presently capable of, you are more readily prepared to wage a good warfare and defeat him in any present or future encounters you may have.

Title: Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy
Author: Jermaine Gadson
Genre: Spiritual
Publisher: Crossbooks – Division of LifeWay (June 2014)
ISBN: 9781462736362—Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781462736355—Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781462736348—eBook

Pre-order at:

Jermaine Gadson is the Senior Pastor of Faith Ministries, Inc., a non-traditional church located in Birmingham, AL. Prior to starting Faith Ministries, he served as an associate minister, youth minister, and pastor for local churches and ministries in the greater Birmingham area.  While, growing up in the Baptist church, he gave his life to Christ at an early age, and is a third generation minister of the Gospel.

He holds a B.A. in Religion with a Concentration in Congregational Studies and a Minor in Classics from Samford University, and a Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School of Samford University.  He is currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Beeson Divinity School. 

Gadson enjoys reading, writing, sports, outdoors, movies, and spending time with his family. He is happily married to his wife Kristy and they have one beautiful daughter, Khloe.

Visit Pastor Gadson online at

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Interview with Linda Lou Crosby, author of 'Ragweed'

Linda Lou Crosby is a video producer, storyteller and former professional athlete. Like Ragweed, she has a unique approach to life. Ragweed is a part of herself she wanted to share with others. Linda Lou has a great sense of humor and likes to laugh and make others laugh too.

She currently lives with her husband in Montana and California where on clear days you can find her fishing, hunting or hiking.

Website: For trailer promo and excerpts of book

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about
the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  Where did you come up with the idea to write your book?

I started to write a bit about Ragweed years ago. I thought it would be fun to bring this little whimsical girl that was in my thoughts Recently my husband (who is convinced I AM Ragweed) and my friend and editor Laura Robbins encouraged me to complete the book.

Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and do you have any tips that you could pass on which would make the journey easier for other writers?

I think the hardest part was actually doing it. I think having encouraging people around who you can discuss your work with is a big help.

Q: Who is your publisher and how did you find them or did you self-publish?

I self published with the guidance of an editing genius and my friend Laura Dobbins.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about getting your first book published?
It surprised me to find out that others enjoyed the stories as much as I did.

Q: What other books (if any) are you working on and when will they be published?

I am working on Ragweed's next adventures as she explores the West.

Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out online?

I have a lot of fun sending cards and messages back and forth with my friends throughout the day. I am always looking for fun cartoons and whimsical graphics to share. I also love Afghanistan too.

Q: Finally, what message (if any) are you trying to get across with your book?

Life is good. It is an opportunity for all of us to enjoy our family and friends and have some delightful adventures along the way.
Q: Thank you again for this interview!  Do you have any final words?

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on writing and Ragweed.

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Daphne Michaels' The Gifted Release Day Blitz!

 We welcome Daphne Michaels as she celebrates the release day of her personal development/spirituality book, The Gifted: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Title: The Gifted: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams 

Author: Daphne Michaels
Publisher: Daphne Michaels Books
Pages: 130
Genre: Personal Development/Spirituality 

Format: Paperback


Available in Paperback at Amazon:   

Book Summary: 

In The Gifted: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams author, speaker and licensed psychotherapist Daphne Michaels celebrates the nine gifts that are our birthright, guiding readers in how to recognize and use them to transform their lives.  In her author's preface, Michaels reveals how her own journey of life transformation began when she was young and realized that human existence wore two conflicting faces--one of love and joy, and one of fear and despair. She decided then to commit her life to reconciling these two visions because she knew that, irreconcilable though they seemed, together these two faces held the secret to living a life of endless possibility and authentic happiness. Her personal journey and formal education in social science, human services and integral psychology led to the founding of the Daphne Michaels Institute, which has helped hundreds of men and women design the lives of their dreams.

In The Gifted Michaels shows us that the first three “gifts” we must recognize and embrace within us if we are to re-design our lives are Awareness, Potential and Stillness. These three allow us to identify and use the remaining six with a life-changing power:  Disharmony, Harmony, Ease, Clarity, Freedom and Engagement.  Each of these six relies on the “essential three” for its own power to change our lives, and each has its own gifts--its “children.” By approaching the nine gifts with real-world metaphors, Michaels answers in easily understood ways what for many readers have been lingering questions about personal transformation—such as how it works, what kind of commitment it takes, and why, if we’re committed, real transformation becomes inevitable—and addresses obstacles that readers may have encountered in the past in trying to reach in life a happiness every human deserves.

While the human universe’s face of love is celebrated in The Gifted, so is the face of fear that haunted a young girl decades ago. As Michaels shows us in her book, even Disharmony—the “quagmire” of life born of the human ego’s fear, defenses, delusions and despair—is a gift, too, and one as important as the others if we know how to see it clearly and use it. Once we understand Disharmony, we are ready to understand the real purpose of Harmony in our lives. Disharmony does not need to rule us.  It is ours to use as we design the lives of our dreams. 

The final gift in The Gifted, Michaels tells us, is the gift of Engagement. Engagement—with the universe and with ourselves—allows us to use all of the other gifts with more power and joy than we ever imagined possible.

That mountaintop decision never left me. It drove my life’s work and over the years led me to understand that there are gifts – nine of them, in fact – that we are all born with but rarely experience in their full glory and potential. These gifts – which make each and every one of us “The Gifted” of this book’s title – are the keys to living lives of endless possibilities and, in turn, achieving an authentic happiness that cannot be lost. They are, in other words, the keys to achieving the life of our dreams.       
                                                                                                                                                                                           - Daphne Michaels 

Life’s greatest mystery is inside us. It is inside every living thing. Like the deep secrets of the universe, the mystery inside us will never be fully explained. By exploring it, however, we can discover gifts available to us that can change our lives forever.

Life’s great mystery is awareness. More basic than thoughts and more primal than instincts, awareness does not require a centralized brain, as scientists have proven through studies with invertebrates like starfish. While these beautiful creatures have no centralized brains, they possess awareness. Starfish, like all invertebrates, use awareness to perceive, eat, grow, reproduce, and survive.

Awareness is so intrinsic to life that it defines life: living means being aware. From the beginning of life – before we take an initial breath – humans demonstrate tremendous awareness. Prenatal psychologists have discovered that we experience, while still in our mother’s womb, not only light and sound but, even more astonishingly, emotion. We kick our legs when agitated by loud noises and sway pleasantly to beautiful classical music. Months before birth we grimace at the taste of sour amniotic fluid and drink heartily when it is sweet. Awareness grows as we grow.

As we develop as human beings, our awareness stretches in all directions – from awareness of our five basic senses to awareness of external events around us, from awareness of our emotions to awareness of our thoughts, from limited awareness of a topic that bores us to an expanded awareness of topics we feel passionate about. Of all the many dimensions of awareness, the highest form is self-awareness. With self-awareness we begin to appreciate just how far awareness actually extends. Just as ocean waters are deeper than the surface of the sea, awareness is deeper than the surface of our physical body or our conscious thoughts. The infinite depth and breadth of awareness is filled with gifts that are ours to receive.

About the Author:

Daphne Michaels is an author, speaker and licensed psychotherapist whose institute has helped hundreds of women and men transform their lives through the "gifts" every human being is born with. Daphne began her own journey of transformation at a young age, pursued it fearlessly, and later studied formally in the fields of social science, human services and integral psychology. The Gifted: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams launches both Daphne Michaels Books and The Gifted series, whose goal it is to share with the widest audience possible the principles that guide the Daphne Michaels Institute. Daphne's earlier book, Light of Our Times, featured her conversations with such international figures in the fields of spirituality and personal development as Ram Dass, Julia Cameron, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and Thomas Moore.

Visit her website at

Connect & Socialize!


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In the Spotlight: The Sense of Touch by Ron Parsons

Title: The Sense of Touch
Author: Ron Parsons
Publisher: Aqueous Books
Pages: 252
Genre: Short Story/Literary Fiction
Format: Paperback; Kindle

Purchase at AMAZON

Old friends uncomfortably reunited and lovers who cling to their distance from one another; disappearing fathers, fiercely loving grandfathers, and strangers who pass through and radically change lives...These are among the characters who populate the rugged Midwestern landscapes of the mesmerizing fiction world of Ron Parsons. In his debut collection, THE SENSE OF TOUCH (Aqueous Books; May 1, 2013), Parsons captures people of various ages in the act of searching for meaning and connection and themselves. Firmly set in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan, the lush but often brutally cold heartland of America, the eight stories explore universal themes--loneliness, betrayal, transformation, hope--in fresh, sometimes fanciful, sometimes comical, sometimes jarring, and always moving and memorable ways.
In THE SENSE OF TOUCH, readers will meet:
* Naseem Sayem, the brilliant, troubled, and mystifying young man at the center of "Hezekiah Number Three." A native of Bangladesh abruptly transplanted to the stark white suburbs of Rapid City at age nine, Naseem never fit in and eventually moved on to study physics at MIT--where, shortly before graduation and after shocking news of his father's infidelity and abandonment, he apparently unraveled and vanished. Three months later, he reappeared out of the blue on his stepmom's doorstep, holding a three-legged cat. Naseem's long search for belonging reaches its apex in a hot air balloon floating over the Crazy Horse Monument.
* Waylon Baker, wheat farmer from birth, and Evie Lund, his wife of twenty-four years and counting, even though she had chosen to live far away--in the alien world of the Twin Cities--for eight years. The odd couple at the heart of "Beginning with Minneapolis," Waylon and Evie can't bear to live together or to divorce because they still love each other with a passion, reignited when they find themselves deep in the dirt, in a hole Waylon dug in his wheat field to serve as Evie's grave.
* The nameless narrator of "The Sense of Touch," a serious, young freshman at the University of Minnesota, fleeing yet still attached to his youth in Texas, haunted both by its predatory demons and its romantic dreams. His liberation comes through an alluring muse: his fiction-writing teacher. A ravishing, wild-haired, Memphis-born African-American graduate student, Vonda speaks directly to him when she makes her dramatic pronouncements. Like, "Our masks are not worn, people. They're grown, day by day." And "Never trust anything, not until you can touch it. With touch, you know you know."
The old friends in "The Black Hills," long separated by distance and tragedy, who unexpectedly compete for the affections of a lovely, vulnerable, and married Lakota woman...the young woman who, in the midst of a Halloween blizzard, stumbles into saving an elderly piano teacher's life and faces hard facts about her own snow-bound relationships and emotions in "As Her Heart Is Navigated"...the exceptional grandfather in "Big Blue" and the playboy reformed by someone else's grandson in "Moonlight Bowling"...and the professor of dead languages facing the mysteries of mortality in "Be Not Afraid of the Universe"... Through Ron Parsons, they all come to life, vividly and with emotional resonance, and work their way into the minds and hearts of readers.
Book Excerpt:
They were relaxing at the top of a waterfall, in a small, still pool where the mountain waters hit an upward slope of folded granite. It was sort of a rounded bathtub, carved out of the rock throughout the centuries by the rushing river, a river so hidden that it was without a name. Just below were the falls, about a 30-foot drop into another, much larger pool of clearest water that was gathered for a respite, a compromise in the river's relentless schedule downward, between split-level decks of flat rock. Further on, the river reanimated and released into a sharp ravine, pulling westward, down through the rugged mountains and faceless forest--the Black Hills National Forest--gaining force until it joined with the rush of the Castle River, near the old Custer Trail, and was swallowed into the Deerfield Reservoir to collect and prepare for the touch of man.

Up Close & Personal with 'Naked in Havana' Colin Falconer

Up Close & Personal is one of The Writer’s Life newest features. Here we feature authors who don't mind spilling the beans and telling what it's really like to write, get published and sell that book.  Today's guest is Colin Falconer, author of the romantic suspense, Naked in Havana.  Visit his website at

On Writing…
My primary school teacher’s name was Mrs Boyne.

She told my mother at a parent interview: “Your son is a complete dreamer. He’ll never amount to anything in this life.”

I still think that was a pretty harsh judgment on a seven year old. But she was right, of course, I was a dreamer.

It was my greatest asset.

It was about the time I first read Jules Verne’s Michael Strogoff. To get my hands on it, I had to endure a slobbery wet kiss from my Aunty Ivy, but I considered it well worth it.

By the end of that first afternoon, I was hooked on stories, broad canvas, epic stories.

Every week my Aunty Ivy took the train down from London to visit with us in (what was then) rural Essex, bringing with her a collection of Classics Illustrated comics. She must have picked them up in the flea markets in London.

There were some Beanos and Victors mixed in, but I threw them out. My treasure was the cartoon versions of some of the world’s greatest literature.

I read all of Jules Verne in an afternoon.

And so began my love affair with stories. By the time I was eight I had read Moby Dick, Doctor Jekyl and Mister Hyde, The Moonstone, The Black Tulip and Ivanhoe, was familiar with most of the major works of Alexandre Dumas (Père), Mark Twain and William Wilkie Collins and had even read most of Homer’s Odyssey (although I never found out how it ended because the last page had been ripped out.)

I don’t think that back then Aunty Ivy knew she was giving me primers for my future career, for no one in my family had ever used their hands for doing anything other than making pies or fixing corner cupboards.

But those comic books were vital to me. I was an only child and though not particularly bookish – I wanted to play for Manchester United when I grew up, an ambition only narrowly foiled when it turned out I was a crap soccer player - Classics Illustrated stirred my nascent imagination and gave me a thirst for big stories.

My first story was also in a magazine! I was about 19, I had a short story published in a particularly grubby men’s magazine. I didn’t care, they paid me! My mother found out about it and went into the local store and asked for a copy. She got a hell of a shock.

It was another ten years before I had my first novel published, a crime thriller based on my experiences traveling rough in South East Asia. It was called VENOM and was based on the life of an French-Indian serial killer called Charles Sobrajh.

I guess it did okay; I have now published over 40 books and been translated into 22 countries. Thanks Aunty Ivy!

On Being Published…
I wish I could say it was about the money and the fame but then I would be getting mixed up with being an actor. I always wanted to be commercially successful; I figured if I wasn’t earning enough to live on then I just hadn’t learned to write well enough. My writing heroes were all megasellers; Wilbur Smith, Ken Follett those guys.

There has always been this voice inside me that insisted that I write. I cannot turn off story ideas; they’re at me the whole time and I have a compulsion not only to write them, but write them well. After thirty years I still read how-to books on novel structure, or on screenplay writing, looking to learn more about the art of storytelling.

It means a lot to me to get feedback from readers. That’s the part of writing that I love the most. In fact that’s how the NAKED series was born; I got a letter from one of my readers wanting me to write about that whole era, about Kennedy and Castro and Monroe and the nightclubs and the boleristas and the gangsters. That’s what started it.

On Publishing Industry…
I love eBooks and I love the freedom to write more than the traditional one book a year, I love being able to write what I want to write instead of being hemmed in by what editors think I should write - and there are some really great editors out there, and some who are really not so great - and I have a brilliant online publisher who has designed fantastic covers and promotional campaigns. But I remain a hybrid author, and the problems of publishing eBooks is the same as publishing in print - discoverability.

Mistakes Along the Way…

Mistake #1: I thought about me first before I thought about the reader (you know, that poor benighted soul paying money to buy the book!) It was all about what I wanted to express so consequently it took a while to get published.

Mistake #2: Was Mistake #1 all over again. After I did get published I started experimenting with different styles and genres so the reader never knew what they were getting. Some writers call it artistic freedom. These days I call it professional suicide. Fortunately I learned my lesson in time.

Mistake #3: Having my life fall apart. Well, I didn’t do it deliberately - but it was my fault it happened, so it counts as a mistake. When the dust cleared, writer’s block rapidly set in, and as it was no ordinary meltdown, I didn’t write at all for about four years. That badly interrupted my career but taught me who my real friends in the business are because I had to start all over again. The downside was a number of people I knew well had already written me off and didn’t answer my calls or emails.  The upside was that I came back with a new attitude and different perspective and started enjoying writing more than I had ever done. I wrote faster and better. It worked out in the end but I wouldn’t recommend having your life implode as a way of revitalizing your career!

On Marketing…

Discoverability is always a problem, whether it’s a print book or an eBook. In print, unless you’re way up the food chain, chances are your book will sink without a trace unless you get very creative and don’t do anything else for six months but promote it yourself. The publishers just aren’t going to do it for you, and that surprises many new writers, who think that once they’re published, it’s all champagne and talk shows. In fact, unless your book performs, it’s the beginning of the end. Or midlist, which is much worse.

When I published NAKED IN HAVANA I decided on a blog tour, backed up with some online promotions. My online publisher handles most promotions for me, but they can’t do it all; especially as I have a backlist of almost thirty books.

On Goals and Dreams…

I guess I have already gone further than I thought I would; when my mother came home clutching that men’s magazine with my story in it, she said: ‘Son, if the Conservatives get in, you’re going to jail.’ So a life time career of 40 or so books and traveling round the world has just about topped the dream. It sure beats sharing a cell with a tattooed biker.

Tips? I would say that in my experience determination and persistence trumps talent much of the time, as does a real willingness to learn. And remember what Bob Mayer says: ‘the Reader is God.’ Don’t ever forget it. 

About the Book

18 year old Magdalena Fuentes is lying naked next to her perfect lover when he tells her he is marrying someone else. It is soon clear her destiny lies with another man, even though she says she doesn’t believe in fate.
But fate doesn’t care whether we believe in it or not...

Havana, 1958. Magdalena Fuentes knows that Angel Macheda is the only man for her, even after he takes her virginity and then tells her he is engaged to someone else. She knows they are meant to be.

So why can she not stop thinking about Reyes Garcia? From the moment I saw you, he says, I knew there would be no one else.

From the moment I saw you, she tells him, I knew you were arrogant, conceited and rude.

Magdalena is a girl who will not let sentiment stand between her and love. But as Fidel Castro’s rebels tighten their grip around the city and she watches her family and her whole life come apart, she learns hard lessons about love abd about life.

Against the backdrop of the boleristas and the gangsters, the music and the guns, Magdalena discovers just how dangerous love can be.

Naked in Havana is the first in a three part series, a sprawling epic of passion and destiny, stretching across three decades and two continents.

Purchase your copy:


Interview with Mario Zeleny, author of 'Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life'

Mario Zeleny – Lover of all things tea.  Mario spent 15 years in healthcare and social services in clinical and administrative roles that offered coaching to employees and volunteers.  An artist and entrepreneur from an early age, Mario now brings his love of writing, art, spirit, coaching and ritual together online at his creative living site, Sancti Spiritus and also from his transformational art site, Art Spellz. Mario looks forward to completing his education with Mentor Coach and St. Clement Seminary. He currently resides in Sacramento with his husband of 8 years, their children and their domestic sovereign, a pug named Brigit.
His latest book is the self-help inspirational, Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life.
Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about
the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  Where did you come up with the idea to write your book?
I was having a Mad Hatter Tea Party on my blog in July of last year and decided I wanted to offer something valuable to my partiers.  So, I started writing this little e-book on tea. The partiers were going to be gifted the book because they signed up for my email list.  But, they never got the book because it kept growing and became a “real” book!
It’s been a real learning experience and I loved every minute of it… even the challenge (hair pulling) of converting for print and Kindle.  Just the other day, I contact the people who signed up for that little e-book from the tea party and they are getting a paperback mailed to them… 9 months later!
Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and do you have any tips that you could pass on which would make the journey easier for other writers?
Writing a book isn’t difficult, editing and making sense is the hard part!  As a writer, I must always remain willing to intimately and completely know my subject, including things I’d rather not know.  Basically, I have a relationship and I am making a commitment to that relationship until the book is born.  This relationship isn’t always fun, does require some things that feel like work and sometimes my subject wears me out.  I had to make room for it my life and I had to share it with my spouse. But, for me as a writer, there are big payoffs in this relationship as well as honor and respect for my subject which is why I keep my commitment.
Keeping a schedule is something that also helped me tremendously. It was finding a schedule that worked for me that was difficult.
Q: Who is your publisher and how did you find them or did you self-publish?
I am my own publisher and I would not trade the experience for anything. I guess I am a person who wants and craves intimacy not only with my subject but with the entire process of writing and publishing.  I do have to say that being in charge of everything and doing everything including formatting, graphic design and art for my book cover as well as converting to different publishing formats can be daunting.  But, I have to admit that things are like that when I am trying to meet a deadline for the first time.  And, this was my first time for not only writing a book, but also publishing one.
Q: Is there anything that surprised you about getting your first book published?
The only surprise was believing I found all my errors, only to reread my manuscript to find more the next day… and, the day after that!  It was like some gremlin was putting them in overnight. I also discovered how quickly and without notice I can screw up my formatting.  The best template is one I create myself.
Q: What other books (if any) are you working on and when will they be published?
I am offering a free companion class to my book at  I will also be creating subsequent courses.  I am hoping to combine these courses for another book.
In addition, I plan on adding photography to my book, as well as personal testimonies and stories.  So, perhaps next year I will have a new edition of Ritual Tea.
Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out online?
I am old and like Facebook!
Q: Finally, what message (if any) are you trying to get across with your book?
My book is about the transformational power of tea.  Tea has an incredible, unusual and sacred history which included changing people’s lives; some lives were not always changed for the better primarily because of the way they treated tea. But for those who are open, tea can change your life in wondrous ways. 
Most folks believe you have to be a monk or a tea master to practice a tea ritual; I wanted to confront that mistaken belief and make tea a transformational practice approachable by anyone.  My book provides the help and inspiration  to get started.
Q: Thank you again for this interview!  Do you have any final words?
Thank you for your interest.  You can find my book at Amazon and my store  This month I am giving away tea with my book!
You can find me at:

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Book Review: The Friend Ship Friendesha, Book 1, by Joe Scott

This review is part of a 15-day virtual tour sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center, a showcase for children's book authors and illustrators.

Title: The Friend Ship Friendesha, book I
Genre: Children's Illustrated books
Ages 3 -8
Author: Joe Scott
Publisher: Hillcrest Media Group

Purchase on Amazon.

Book description:

Meet the Friendeshans, a lovable race of beings who spread friendship and positive energy throughout the galaxy! In this first book of an inspiring new series, the Friendeshans encounter the Oily Spoilies, creatures that thrive on meanness and negativity. What will happen when an Oily Spoily spy gets aboard the Friendeshans’ ship?!

As the series unfolds, the Friendeshans will travel to Earth, As the series un where they will work their pozzi-power on our planet, unseen by humans. For any child who has ever been bullied or picked on, the Friendeshans are like loyal, invisible friends they can carry with them in their imaginations. With the Friendeshans around, every child has a friend!


Brightly illustrated and told in simple prose for young minds, this children's picture book is a wonderful way to teach children about the importance of positive thinking and the ugliness of bullying. Best of all, it is a great, fun story, with lots of action and adventure. In many ways, it reads like a comic book. Children will relate to the characters and learn about space, planets, and the universe. Joe Scott has created an exciting series. Highly recommended!

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Making Lemonade with Ben: The Audacity to Cope by Katherine Perreth Book Feature - Win a Kindle Paperwhite!

Making Lemonade with BenWith deftly wielded humor and heart-wrenching candor, Katherine Perreth vividly recounts the myriad physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions stemming from her son’s massive brain hemorrhage. Seven-year-old Ben suffers numerous disabilities and, later, mental health challenges. Yet, love wins. Making Lemonade With Ben is a compelling Cinderella story tracing sixteen years of Ben’s life. It begins with the night a University of Wisconsin Hospital neurosurgeon saved Ben, and follows Ben through young adulthood. Although he encounters years of substantial obstacles, in 2011 his never-say-die cheery attitude and uber-outgoing ways ultimately carry him to Washington D.C. There he represents the Madison Children’s Museum, his employer, at a national award ceremony. Wearing his ankle-foot-orthosis with a smiley face on the back, Ben juggles one-handed everywhere he goes, accomplishing his life goal: “Make humanity smile.” Universal themes of perseverance and compassion encourage readers to contemplate contemporary issues: mental illness treatment, recovery and stigma, the role of intentional employers in the lives of those with disabilities, and the success that can occur when a community values all of her citizens.

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Katherine holds UW-Madison Social Work and Sociology degrees, is a reporter for her hometown newspaper, the Middleton Times Tribune, and conducts a class on reminiscence writing. In addition, in her role as administrative staff with WESLI (an ESL school on Madison’s capitol square), she deals in chalk. And paper. Oodles of paper. She recently took an EmptyNester Victory Tour with her husband of 28 years, but hasn’t yet changed the locks on their home. Their three kids can still get in. Her latest books is Making Lemonade with Ben: The Audacity to Cope Drop by to pay her visit at:

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