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Guest post: "Promotion for Writers," by Beverly McClure

I want to write. Isn’t that what writers are supposed to do? Well, maybe once upon a time all writers had to do was write. Times have changed. Today, writing isn’t enough for most writers. Now, if you’re already famous for some reason, if people know your name, you can probably get away with very little promotion. Your famous name will sell your books. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, no one except my family, friends, and former students have ever heard of me. So that means if I want people to read my books, I have to let them know they’re published. There are a lot of ways to do this. I’m trying them all and still don’t know which ways are best. I’ll share with you what I do.

One: Blogging. I have two major blogs and some for my different books. On Blogspot, I promote not only my work but the work of other writers too. I post book reviews, cover reveals, guest posts, interviews and whatever an author would like to say about his/her book. Once a month, I also post for a group I belong to that links to hundreds of writers, The Insecure Writer’s Support Group, started by Alex J. Cavanaugh. We post about our insecurities and encourage each other. Sheri Larsen’s baby is the Rebel Writer’s Creed that helps us evaluate how we’re doing each month.

Wordpress is my other blog. Here I talk about my work, my editing, awards, when a book is coming out, and things like that. I also have tips for writers and excerpts from my books, along with videos and other information I hope readers will enjoy. I also have links to my blog for my YA novels and for my MG novels.

Two: Facebook is another place where I promote my work. I have three pages there, one a fan page. I post about my work, about other writers, and also about my life. I talk about my cats. I post pictures of the sunrise, birds, and my cats. I wish other writers Happy Birthday. Basically, I keep in touch.

Three: Yes, I tweet on Twitter too, for my friends and me. Good Reads, Library Thing, and Shelfari are some of the places where I post reviews for others and have a few friends.

Four: And don’t forget personal promotion too. Book signings at bookstores and libraries, craft fairs, and school visits are where you can show off your work and find new fans. Even if they don’t buy your books then they’ll remember you and perhaps buy them later. I give away little finger puppets to the wee ones, bookmarks, pencils, and other stuff that fits the theme of my books. SCBWI and other conferences (though I’ve only been to a couple) are great to meet editors, agents, and publishers. Check for Online Conferences which often are free and have a lot of information.

I’ve probably left out something very important here, but I can’t think what. I’m always looking for new ways to promote my books.

Happy Promotion to You.


Title: Pirate, a Blockade Runner, and a Cat
Genre: Paranormal
Author:  Beverly Stowe McClure
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
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Thirteen-year-old Erik Burks’ life is falling apart. When he discovers a lace bra in the glove compartment of his dad’s car, his mom leaves his father and drags Erik from being king of the hill in Texas to the bottom of the pits in South Carolina. No Dad, no baseball, no friends, just Starry Knight (a girl who reads minds) and her equally weird brother, Stormy, the twins that live down the block.
Just when Erik thinks life can’t get any worse, while hanging out at the beach one evening, he and the twins notice lights radiating from the lighthouse. Stranger still, a ship materializes in the moonlit harbor. Curious, the twins and a reluctant Erik investigate and discover the ghost of a blockade runner, a cat, and a pirate who prowls Charleston Harbor, and the fun begins.


When Beverly Stowe McClure was in eighth grade, her teacher sent her poem “Stars” to the National High School Poetry Association, and she was soon a published writer in Young America Sings, an anthology of Texas high school poetry. Today, Beverly is a cum laude graduate of Midwestern State University with a BSEd degree. For twenty-two years, she taught children to read and write. They taught her patience. She is affectionately known as the “Bug Lady” because she rescues butterflies, moths, walking sticks, and praying mantis from her cats.
Most of the time, you’ll find Beverly in front of her computer, writing the stories little voices in her head tell her. When she’s not writing, she takes long walks and snaps photos of clouds, wild flowers, birds and deer. She also enjoys visiting with her family and teaching a women’s Sunday school class at her church. Her articles have been published in leading children’s magazines. Two of her stories are in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL ANTHOLOGIES, and she has nine novels published, two of them award winning novels at Children’s Literary Classics and other competitions.


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Book Blitz: Miracle Man by William R. Leibowitz #bookblitz

We're happy to be hosting William R. Leibowitz and his Miracle Man Book Blitz today!

About the Book:

Title: Miracle Man
Author: William Leibowitz
Publisher: Manifesto Media Group
Pages: 428
Genre: Cross-genre Thriller
Format: Paper/Kindle

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The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero. 

Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real. 

So begins the saga of Robert James Austin, the greatest genius in human history.  But where did his extraordinary intelligence come from?

As agents of corporate greed vie with rabid anti-Western radicals to destroy him, an obsessive government leader launches a bizarre covert mission to exploit his intellect.  Yet Austin’s greatest fear is not of this world.

Aided by two exceptional women, one of whom will become his unlikely lover, Austin struggles against abandonment and betrayal.  But the forces that oppose him are more powerful than even he can understand.  

Book Excerpt:

  A tall figure wearing a black-hooded slicker walked quickly through the night carrying a large garbage bag.  His pale face was wet with rain.  He had picked a deserted part of town.  Old warehouse buildings were being gutted so they could be converted into apartments for non-existent buyers.  There were no stores, no restaurants and no people. 
  “Who’d wanna live in this shit place?”  he muttered to himself.  Even the nice neighborhoods of this dismal city had more “For Sale” signs than you could count.
  He was disgusted with himself and disgusted with her, but they were too young to be burdened.  Life was already hard enough.    He shook his head incredulously.  She had been so damn sexy, funny, full of life.   Why the hell couldn’t she leave well enough alone?    She should have had some control. 
 He wanted to scream-out down the ugly street, “It’s her fucking fault that I’m in the rain in this crap neighborhood trying to evade the police.” 
  But he knew he hadn’t tried to slow her down either.   He kept giving her the drugs and she kept getting kinkier and kinkier and more dependent on him and that’s how he liked it.   She was adventurous and creative beyond her years.  Freaky and bizarre.  He had been enthralled, amazed.  The higher she got, the wilder she was.  Nothing was out of bounds.  Everything was in the game. 
  And so, they went farther and farther out there.  Together.  With the help of the chemicals.  They were co-conspirators, co-sponsors of their mutual dissipation.  How far they had traveled without ever leaving their cruddy little city.  They were so far ahead of all the other kids. 
  He squinted, and his mind reeled.  He tried to remember in what month of their senior year in high school the drugs became more important to her than he was.  And in what month did her face start looking so tired, her complexion prefacing the ravages to follow, her breath becoming foul as her teeth and gums deteriorated.  And in what month did her need for the drugs outstrip his and her cash resources. 
  He stopped walking and raised his hooded head to the sky so that the rain would pelt him full-on in the face.  He was hoping that somehow this would make him feel absolved.  It didn’t.  He shuddered as he clutched the shiny black bag, the increasingly cold wet wind blowing hard against him.  He didn’t even want to try to figure out how many guys she had sex with for the drugs. 
The puddle-ridden deserted street had three large dumpsters on it.   One was almost empty.  It seemed huge and metallic and didn’t appeal to him. The second was two-thirds full.  He peered into it, but was repulsed by the odor, and he was pretty sure he saw the quick moving figures of rodents foraging in the mess. The third was piled above the brim with construction debris.
  Holding the plastic bag, he climbed up on the rusty lip of the third dumpster.  Stretching forward, he placed the bag on top of some large garbage bags which were just a few feet inside of the dumpster’s rim.   As he climbed down, his body looked bent and crooked and his face was ashen. Tears streamed down his cheeks and bounced off his hands.  He barely could annunciate, “Please forgive me,” as he shuffled away, head bowed and snot dripping from his nose.

About the Author: 

William R. Leibowitz has been practicing entertainment/media law in New York City for a number of years.  He has represented numerous renowned recording artists, songwriters, producers and many of the leading record companies, talent managers, merchandisers and other notable entertainment businesses.  At one point, he was the Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel for the Sanctuary Group of Companies, a U.K. public company that was the largest ‘indie’ music company in the world (prior to its acquisition by the Universal Music Group). 

William has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and a law degree from Columbia University.  He lives in the village of Quogue, New York with his wife, Alexandria, and dog, George. 

William wrote Miracle Man because of its humanistic and spiritual messages and because he feels that in our current times – when meritless celebrity has eclipsed accomplishment and the only heroes are those based on comic books, the world needs a real hero –and that, of course, is Robert James Austin, the protagonist in Miracle Man.
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In the Spotlight: Lieutenant Henry Gallant by H. Peter Alesso

Title: Lieutenant Henry Gallant
Author: H. Peter Alesso
Publisher: Video Software Publishing
Pages: 320
Genre: Science fiction space opera
Format: Paperback/Kindle

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In an era of genetic engineering, Lieutenant Henry Gallant is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer left in the fleet. Many of his superiors, including rival Anton Neumann, have expressed concern he is not up to the challenge. However, his unique mental abilities have proven essential to the defense of the United Planets in its fight against the Titan invaders.

Serving on the first FTL prototype, the Intrepid, on its maiden voyage to Tau Ceti, Gallant finds a lost colony on the planet Elysium. Cyrus Wolfe and his son, manipulate planet politics against the democratic opposition led by James Hepburn and his granddaughter Alaina. Wolfe has allied himself with an ancient Artificial Intelligence which had lain dormant on the planet for millennia, but is now willing to protect the colonists against the Titans.

With Alaina’s help, Gallant discovers the ancient AI has a sinister ulterior motive and he matches his unique and exceptional mind against the complexity of machine intelligence to escape the ultimate trap and prevent the extermination of humanity.

In Lieutenant Henry Gallant, one man pits the naked human mind against the perspicacity of machine intelligence.

Book Excerpt:


The noise startled everyone.

The conference room door had been slammed against the wall with enough force to produce the loud bang—calling a halt to the proceedings and focusing attention on the arrival of a young slender blonde with a shapely figure, dressed in rugged outdoor hiking gear, who marched boldly into the room. She was about a year or two younger than Gallant, perhaps twenty.

She dominated everyone’s attention. It wasn’t because she was so shockingly belligerent as to require an immediate rejoinder, though she was clearly intent on being provocative—nor was she was so strikingly beautiful so as to inflame male passions, yet she was certainly attractive. No, she dominated the situation, despite portraying a rebellious joy of life, because of her defiant bearing, her air of resolution, and her dogged expression—all of which were so clearly evident—by marching, hands on hips, into the focal point of the room, thereby demanding the immediate and undivided attention of all present.

 “Alaina, you are interrupting important state business. What do you want?” demanded Wolfe, standing up to express his annoyance with her theatrical appearance.

Wolfe’s carefully crafted mask of self-assurance had slipped.

“My grandfather is unable to attend, so he asked me to take his place, which is his prerogative. Certainly that’s allowed? Isn’t it?” she asked with an authoritative voice, shifting her gaze from one council member to another, causing them to fidget in their seats as her stare met theirs.

Clearly internal politics were at play, but Gallant was wary of how he should interact with this new dynamic in the room.

Wolfe heaved a sign of resignation and sputtered, “Well—of course—under those circumstances, you’re welcome. Please sit. Here, sit next to me.”

Alaina brushed back her long flowing blonde hair and walked toward Gallant instead. “Well aren’t you going to introduce me to this officer?” she asked.

Again Wolfe heaved a sign of resignation, this time deeper and more sustained. “Lieutenant Gallant, this is Alaina Hepburn, granddaughter of Professor James Hepburn, a leading citizen, a member of this council, and our leading expert on cybernetics.”

“I’m glad to meet you, Ms. Hepburn,” said Gallant, standing and offering his hand.

“A pleasure, Lieutenant.” Alaina bowed her head slightly, but kept her hands clasped to her hips.

A moment later, to Gallant’s surprise, she flashed him a luminescent smile and took the seat beside him, tapping her fingers impatiently on the top of the table. With her hair pulled back from her face, the creamy beauty of her skin was exposed.

Gallant took his place beside her.

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Interview with Maegan Abel: 'Everyone has a story'

Maegan Abel was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She went back to school her my late twenties and studied Stage Production Technology. She now work full-time in the alterations shop of a major department store and part-time backstage in the various theatres around the area. She has been an avid reader from a very young age and the top goal on her list of things to accomplish in life was to write and publish a book. During the summer of 2013, while working backstage on The Lion King, she read eleven books in four weeks. Maegan read her first New Adult book and was introduced to a genre that she felt she could totally relate to. The idea for Perfectly Broken and the character of Lili was born backstage during that time.
Her latest book is the new adult, Unforgivably Broken.
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About the Book:

It took a near-tragedy for Zane and Lili to admit their feelings for one another. If they could survive that explosion, wading through the debris left behind should be a breeze,

Lili has spent years hiding from her past. Now, she's being forced to admit her mistakes and make a decision. Can she conquer her demons head-on, or will she remain by Zane's side while he fights his own? 

Zane learned early in life that charm and deception are easier than hard truths. Sometimes, old habits die hard. When his past mistakes start making continuous reappearances, he is faced with some of the most crucial decisions he's ever made. 

When you have secrets, they can rip ragged holes in the ties that bind even the strongest relationships. 

What do you do when you realize you're unforgivably broken?

For More Information

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  Where did you come up with the idea to write your book?

The idea for the Broken Series actually stemmed from a writing challenge. When I’m stuck, I try to find something else to write about. I was working on a different story but found myself unsure of where it was leading me. I was reading a lot more in the few weeks prior because I was working the second job, I had read several New Adult books, most featuring the bad boy-type character. They all had the same characteristics: they were hot, they used women to get what they wanted, and they didn’t care what people thought of them. It got me thinking about the people we know in real life that are like that. The women, the female counterpart with these characteristics, the ones we see out at the bars or clubs, we know exactly who they are on sight. We, as women, are usually quick to judge them. But, that girl has a story too, right? We may think she has low self-worth and no shame, but maybe we don’t know everything there is to know about her. I started to wonder if I could take those characteristics we love about the bad boy, give them to a female, and make her likable to a mostly female audience. And, from that challenge, Lili was born.

Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and do you have any tips that you could pass on which would make the journey easier for other writers?

It was difficult, especially in the beginning. There is an overabundance of conflicting information out there. In fact, when I was about three quarters of the way finished with the first draft of Perfectly Broken, I attended a Writer’s Conference. At the conference, it seemed every panel that spoke had something negative to say about the self-published community and/or the New Adult category as a whole. I didn’t know much about self-publishing at the time but it made me curious. By the time I finished the draft, I’d read several Indie books and made some friends within the community. I decided it was the route I wanted to take. My only advice is follow your instinct and don’t try to find a trend. By the time you publish, things will change. Write your story the way you want it. And find a good editor.

Q: Who is your publisher and how did you find them or did you self-publish?

Perfectly Broken was originally self-published in February 2014. The Broken Series was picked up by Forever Red Publishing in June of 2014. I actually submitted to them because my editor, who had been freelance, became the editor-in-chief of the Publishing House.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about getting your first book published?

Honestly, it was terrifying. It still is. Every time someone says they’re reading one of my books, it’s that same mini panic attack. Submitting to the publisher, I was a wreck from the moment I sent the email. Every time I send a manuscript to my editor, every chapter I send to my beta readers, it’s putting myself out there. I never expected it to feel so amazing, though. I knew achieving a dream would obviously be fulfilling, but I never realized just how emotional I would get when people — complete strangers — message me on Facebook or email to tell me they stayed up all night reading because they couldn’t put my book down.

Q: What other books (if any) are you working on and when will they be published?

The third book in the Broken Series will be out in Spring of 2015. I have another book, which is currently planned as a stand-alone New Adult Romance titled Those Moments, is due out in late 2015. There is also a possibility I will be writing a prequel to the Broken Series but I have no definitive date on that one.

Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out online?

I have a list of tabs open on my browser at all times. Usually, Facebook and YouTube are the first two.

Q: Finally, what message (if any) are you trying to get across with your book?

Everyone has a story. Judging someone based on who we see, or who we think we see, or what we think we know, is a good way to alienate people who are just trying to make the best of the life they were dealt.

Interview with Jesse Giles Christiansen: 'If a character wants breathing room, let it happen'

Jesse Giles Christiansen is an American author who writes compelling literary fiction that weaves the real with the surreal. He attended Florida State University where he received his B.A. in English literature, and holds an M.A. in philosophy from Georgia State University. He is the author of Pelican Bay (book one in the Captain Shelby Series), an Amazon #1 list bestseller, outselling Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. One of Christiansen's literary goals is to write at least fifty novels, and he always reminds himself of something that Ray Bradbury once said: "You fail only if you stop writing."

His latest book is the literary fiction/magical realism novel, Captain Shelby.

For More Information

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  Where did you come up with the idea to write your book?

THE CAPTAIN SHELBY TRILOGY all started with a very odd dream, where I was standing
with an ex-girlfriend and looking out to sea at some large, black stones protruding from the ocean floor just off shore. We kept asking each other what they were. I woke up, haunted, and started writing. Before the first chapter ended, Captain Shelby leapt from the pages like a bolt from the blue, and began changing my life … and readers’ lives … forever. I’m so thankful for characters like this!

Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and do you have any tips that you could pass on which would make the journey easier for other writers?

Well, don’t have too much of an outline. If you know what’s coming next, so will the reader. Also, be sure to do your research thoroughly to add plausibility to all aspects of the novel, especially deeply historical ones. If a character wants breathing room, let it happen; give him or her lots of space. Be sure to infuse tension, no matter how tacit, anywhere you can. And don’t be afraid to be unique. Write from the soul, or your writing will not survive very long. Take chances.

Q: Who is your publisher and how did you find them or did you self-publish?

My publisher is Imajin Books. I wanted a small house to earn my stripes, so to speak; but I wanted a small house with heavy marketing clout (after all, this is the 21st century). Imajin Books is just that. I’ve learned a heck of a lot about marketing and social media, and my publisher has placed me in serious striking range of big eyes and big lists. What more could a new author ask for?

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about getting your first book published?

It took a long time—a lot of rejections. But once I found the right publisher, everything happened so quickly, falling into place, as if destiny were just waiting for me to see her. Don’t give up. If you think you have a great novel, you have to keep pushing, researching, and hoping.

Q: What other books (if any) are you working on and when will they be published?

I’m working on my first Christmas story, GOTH TOWN, which centers on a town with no Christmas. It releases Nov. 6th. Jake Rayner has a vision, which has brought him to the Recalibration Machine twenty-nine times. When the Overseers threaten to reenact an old law, Jake is forced to do the unthinkable: leave town and boldly venture beyond its shrouding gray fog. Once the dark founder of Goth Town, Lord Gothly, learns of this, he captures his best friend, Samantha Bryant, and uses her as bait to draw him back. But there is more at stake than just the welfare of Samantha. The tall lord has conceived a plan to not only end Christmas, but also reduce the world to the same bleak fate. With the help of Lady Pathos, an earthy and irresistibly eccentric woman who Jake meets during his escape, the two return to Goth Town to face the lord before it is too late.

Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out online?

I love doing book events on Facebook, because I really get to interact with loyal and new readers from all over the world in a short period of time.

Q: Finally, what message (if any) are you trying to get across with your book?

Mainly, that the sea is a mystery to us all, one of the greatest mysteries, if not the greatest, of our planet. One must remain open to learning from the sea. Captain Shelby has a very special bond with the sea, a type of bond I wish we all had.

Q: Thank you again for this interview!  Do you have any final words?

Thanks for having me! See you in the Land Between the Lines!

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Book Review: ‘Bible Bands: Rubber Band Jewelry’ by Katreina Eden

bible bandsBible Bands is a fun, educational how-to book for children who love making jewelry. Not only does it teaches how to make lovely designs, but it also strengthens children’s faith by combining hands-on creativity with Bible verses and stories.
Rubber band jewelry seems to be the hottest new craze, so Eden’s book comes at the right time. Though at first glance, when you look at the jewelry, it might seem complicated and difficult to make, especially for kids, the author demystifies it with simple step-by-step instructions accompanied by colorful photos. I found the language and descriptions clear and straight-forward, easy for most kids to understand, though the younger ones will need guidance from an adult, at least at first. There are over 12 designs, from the simplest to the most elaborate.
Eden incorporates faith with verses and symbols, such as a blue and white pattern to symbolize Christ’s baptism, a heart design to remind you of God’s love, and a multi-colored weave to match Joseph’s coat of many colors, among others.
Bible Bands doesn’t come with the looms or bands, but you can find these at most craft shops. This will make a lovely gift for any child, especially those who are into crafts. It is also a good book for those long summer and Christmas holidays, as it will keep children entertained for hours. Recommended!
Find out more on Amazon.
My review was previously published in Blogcritics.

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Interview with Peter Darrach, author of 'Tavern on the Edge of Time'

Peter Darrach has lived in New York, London, Prague, Munich and Vienna. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a Master of Arts degree in German Literature, both from Pennsylvania State University. Darrach pursued a career in sales and marketing in fields as diverse as amusement parks and retail before moving to Europe in 1991. Since then he has worked in Eastern and Western Europe, holding a series of executive positions with blue chip FMCG companies.  Most recently he has returned to the U.S. to pursue his career as a business coach and fiction author and currently lives in Florida.

His latest book is the sci-fi, Tavern on the Edge of Time.
For More Information
About the Book:

During the year 2125, former asteroid miners Max Cody and Elaine Zhou never get a moment’s rest. No sooner have they doused the flames of war between Earth and Mars or returned from their first trip to the Tavern on the Edge of Time when they are called upon to help fit out the fledging Martian colony orbiting Jupiter’s moon Callisto. In parallel, Earth extradites the war’s fomenter, ex-billionaire arms merchant Xanthus Rex, hoping to gain from his insights into Martian teleportation technology, but he manages to turn Earth’s resources toward private revenge against Max, Mars, and the Callisto Colony. In the meantime aliens are leaking into the Earth-Mars continuum from the Tavern, whose proprietor repaired and upgraded Max after accidentally injuring him during an asteroid mining expedition. Max’s enhancements help, of course, but when strange beings with the power to animate matter—the Assemblers—find their way to Earth, Max, Mars, and humanity are sorely beset. Worse yet, the Tavern itself is becoming unstable, its acquisitive host having overstretched his considerable powers. His prospecting for collapsed neutron matter has also opened portals between continua, inadvertently adding still more aliens to the mix. That’s when the Assemblers’ overlord arrives and Max finally meets his match. Oh, and Elaine is expecting their hybrid baby. Yes, you might say these are difficult times at the Tavern on the Edge of Time.

For More Information

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life!  Now that your book has been published, we’d love to find out more about the process.  Can we begin by having you take us at the beginning?  Where did you come up with the idea to write your book?

We are talking about the current book, Tavern on the Edge of Time (Book Three of the Second Skin Series, 

My ideas tend to come to me when I am doing something mindlessly repetitive like swimming, running, or maybe driving long distance, as if some door is opened through which the ideas flow. 

Actually, for me these three books wrote themselves, flowing as it were from some external muse.  I wrote the first of my current three books as a rough draft in 2008, but didn’t actually publish it until 2012. I do have two degrees in literature, so I’ve been involved with the medium rather a long time—with a 22 year break to go off and be a business executive in Europe.

Q: How hard was it to write a book like this and do you have any tips that you could pass on which would make the journey easier for other writers?

The first book was undoubtedly the most difficult.  Although the story flowed easily enough, the physical writing, editing, correcting, continuity checking, etc., seemed unendingly laborious.  However, I learned a lot of short cuts during the process and books two and three were much easier on this technical level.  This allowed me to put much more energy into the characters and the story lines, with demonstrable results, I think.

Q: Who is your publisher and how did you find them or did you self-publish?

I decided to go the self-publishing route.  These stories have been bubbling in me for some time and I simply needed to release them. Both the formal and informal reviews have been quite positive. It’s very inspiring to have strangers tell you your that reading your books is like “dreaming with your eyes open.” Who knows, a publisher may be intrigued by the positive attention.

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about getting your first book published?

Surprised, no, delighted, yes.  I suppose the first time you hold your book in your hands it is a little like beholding your child for the first time. The characters are my friends.  The books are my children.  But, once I’ve written and finalized a book, I am already off on the next one. 

Q: What other books (if any) are you working on and when will they be published?

Book Four in the Second Skin Series is currently taking shape.  I’m on chapter 6 and creatively it’s going well.  Finding the quality time to focus on it is more of a challenge, however.

Q: What’s your favorite place to hang out online?

You mean other than

Q: Finally, what message (if any) are you trying to get across with your book?

My books are indeed science fiction and adventure stories, but they are also testament to my love of life and I hope they help people enjoy their own lives a little more.
Q: Thank you again for this interview!  Do you have any final words?

Well, yes, actually.  We haven’t explained what the book is about...

The action begins in the year 2125. The first book in the series (Second Skin) follows the asteroid miner Max Cody who is wounded and repaired with some unexpected enhancements by aliens while prospecting. He and his navigator / girlfriend Elaine Zhou face vicious ice pirates in the asteroid belt and on the enormous Mars Orbital Smelter Array (a.k.a MOSA) who plan to attack Mars and Earth.
In the second book (Second Skin Too) the duo is called upon to join a diplomatic effort to try and avoid war with Earth over Mars’ mining prowess, a conflict driven by billionaire arms merchant Xanthus Rex.
The latest book (Book Three, The Tavern on the Edge of Time) brings us directly in contact with the alien who repaired Max, not to mention numerous other aliens, who frequent a peaceful place call the Tavern on the Edge of Time. Unfortunately, Earth, Mars, the Tavern, and even Mars’ poor fledgling colony on Callisto come under attack both from human and far stranger adversaries—especially the Assemblers. It looks like Max has met his match this time.
Visit for more details.